Lots of cutting, no stars………..

I did lots of cutting and then grouping the five fabrics needed for each Blazing Star block.  I also did lots of sorting and moving things both in the main floor studio and in the basement.  There is always a pile left over that doesn’t belong in any category.  Unfortunately one container is always filled with the miscellaneous and  probably it could all be thrown away and would not be missed.


15 thoughts on “Lots of cutting, no stars………..

  1. I know what you mean about miscellaneous piles. I had a big bag of teeny tiny mixed scraps that I kept piling in until I could sort them and figure out a design, kind of confetti style. Yesterday, my granddaughter, 20 months, found it when she was over. She gleefully tossed it over her, in the air, and laughed at the shower of scraps. Kept her busy for 30 minutes. So now, I have a spray of scraps in my studio and need to figure out rebagging. Love the color combos and individual batik designs.

  2. I can relate to the box of miscellaneous stuff that doesn't really have a home. When I am cleaning and rearranging I am always surprised that I still have the stuff in that box. I am sure I wouldn't miss it if I threw it away.

  3. LOL I think half of my sewing room could be tossed out and I wouldn't miss it – recently I was looking through a box of patterns – as I was looking through them I was wondering what was I thinking about when I ordered them-I doubt I will ever make more than half of them

  4. I am always intrigued by those fabrics that refuse to be categorized. Would love it if you blogged a picture of yours! (Hint, hint.)Last time I sorted fabric, I brazenly made a "wild card" pile. Sometimes I "sub-sort" by value or temperature, but fabrics resist even that!Frebblebit

  5. What if you sold you miscellaneous pieces? I bet you could randomly bag up the pieces and place a link on your blog and people would line up to buy your fabulous pieces and scraps! Your colors and fabric selection are wonderful and many are no longer produced. Just a thought!Happy Holidays!

  6. Those colour combinations look like they're going to turn into some absolutely fabulous stars!I too would love to see a photo of your miscellaneous group. I bet there are some real treasures in there!

  7. Wanda, I am thrilled with your color selection. I'd love a surprise of a box of scraps! But so many of the quilters I know actually do throw it away in the garbage.That's so sad because I know that there are thousands of kids and women without much of anything that could make lovely quilts from scraps.

  8. I just watched your "Film Debut" and really enjoyed it. Your work is stupendous and you really explore color, hence your name. I noticed breifly that you a store has that name too! Is this store your store?Great debut!

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