Another gift and die cutting…………

I spent the morning yesterday doing the machine embroidery on 4 dish towels for the ladies in the apartments at the mission that our church helps support.  We don’t know anything about the ladies so it is hard to get them anything personal.  A new dishtowel and dishcloths always brighten my day so I hope it will brighten theirs.

In the afternoon I started cleaning up an area of the basement and cut a lot of scraps with my die cutter.  This is the 1 1/2″ square die.

I store the squares in this Snapware container.  I’m not sure where I bought this one.  The top 2 layers are open and the bottom layer is divided.

There are lids on the two sections of the bottom layer.

There are 2″ squares and 1 1/2″ squares in it.  When it gets too full to hold any more I’ll come up with a project for them.


13 thoughts on “Another gift and die cutting…………

  1. I love using my die cutter to clean up scraps. I use the plastic pencil cases that they sell at Staples at the beginning of the school year to store cut scraps. They stack well.

  2. I couldn't believe it was Thursday when I last checked in. Christmas shopping, decorating, baking just took my days away.Fridays post … another new wonderful Blazing star and journal covers, those girls will be so happy to receive those special journal's just for them.Saturday…An 'exuberant' purple Blazing Star, how I love this pattern.Today…You put so much compassion into your work the girls will certainly feel it with your wonderful gifts. I agree, dish cloths and towels are always in need. I really like the designs you chose for the towels. Here we set with below zero temps and they look like spring. Only you Wanda would find a snap top container for your 1-1/2" squares. (*._,*)JJM

  3. I need to get a snapware container for my hexie projects – beats a whole load of zip lock bags full of various stages of my project! ;-)What kind of cutter do you have? I just got an Accuquilt Go – early Christmas present. I've not even taken it out of the box yet, so I'm still quite intimidated by it.

  4. The towels and dishcloths make a lovely gift! They would brighten my day too.I just gave away a box of 1 1/2" squares. After finishing my postage stamp quilt, I'm done with that size! I look forward to seeing what you do.

  5. I have a question about plastic containers. I see a lot where people say not to use a container or box with acid in it as in "acid free box ect" how do I know if it's acid free if it's not stated on the ad display & does this really matter?

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