# 18 Blazing star and the whole group……….

I really like #18.  At first I didn’t think I had enough contrast between the two purples but in the end I think it works great.  I like the background print a lot too because it changes color several times.

Once again the whole group is not in any particular order.  Today I need to do some specific choices from yardage, not from scraps any longer.  For those who have been asking, this Blazing Star is cut with my Studio die cutter.  There is a die for the GO! cutter too.  It is an Eleanor Burns design if you want to search to see if there is a pattern available somewhere.

Yesterday I had to take a mechanic for a ride to hear the noise my van was making.  Luckily it cooperated and they know I’m not just a crazy old lady now.  I had taken it to them in March for a diagnosis and again in May when they discovered another problem but it didn’t fix the original one.  This problem was an expensive one but now it is fixed in addition to a new battery.  I’ll feel safer on the road now. 


15 thoughts on “# 18 Blazing star and the whole group……….

  1. Isn't is funny how men think woman don't know something is wrong with their car. My brother said I was nuts all the time. Only to find I knew what it was wrong. The contrast in this block is just perfect. As you said I think the background helped define the contrast. Chris

  2. same thing happens to me Wanda – I will hear a noise in the car and no something is wrong and my DH says nothing is wrong with it, I will finally have it diagnosed with searches on the computer and tell him what is wrong with it and say I'm going to bring it when finally he believes me and it gets taken car of

  3. So enjoy your blocks. Gorgeous.Cars….a fairly new one and I could tell the transmission didn't shift right. Hubby took it in several times and they finally told him I didn't know what I was talking about, but the mechanic said he'd like to take it home that night just to drive it and check it out. The transmission went out on him. it was just a relief to have it fixed.

  4. Blazing Sar is looking lovely! I did buy the die for my GO about two weeks ago and making this will be on my list for the new year.Looking forward to seeing the other two blocks and all together on the wall

  5. I love the block and the purples work! It's such a rich and beautiful quilt.You got lucky with your van, well maybe not in paying for it but at least they found the problem.

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