One more plus the whole group…………

This is my new favorite block.  This background fabric and the dark burgundy are both from the 1990s.  That is why a stash is so important.  You need the variety over the years, not just what is available today at a store.

The blocks aren’t in any particular order because there are a lot more that need to be made yet.  I think I need a minimum of 20 blocks unless I make them into a wallhanging.  I hope I can decide on a sashing fabric today or tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “One more plus the whole group…………

  1. No sashing. These blocs remind me of old cement tiles you so often find in the hallways and kitchen of old french houses.
    They look very good together as you placed them
    Best regards
    Jeanine (Paris France)

  2. I only started quilting four years ago so my stash is not so big but it is nice to be able to pull out old fabric when you need it. Love those blazing star blocks.

  3. Wow, how beautiful. Yes, a stash is important. Even when pulling from what I have, I still end up purchasing a bit more, but it's great to find those “oldie, but goodie” pieces.

  4. This is going to be an amazing quilt. I love the second one down with the pink and turquoise. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did and am still filled to the top.

  5. I like some more than others 😉 and it's interesting to see what happen to the perceiving of colors when they are all put together. The ones I love the most are the ones that looks truly three demential.
    From a cold Sweden.

  6. Your years of 'stashing' do pay off in the variety of fabrics you put into your beauties.

    I bought some batik strips from Connecting Threads this weekend, and they are sold out now, but I saw these at, and I wondered if you knew about them? Great buy at 8 fat quarters for $8. something (I accidentally closed the page while typing this) Just thought you might want to look at the sale. Hope you don't think I'm spamming you !

  7. I do love my stash, even as it threatens to overwhelm me (or overwhelm my basement). I'm pretty much over the fear that if I use this last bit of that print that I got in 1999 that still love and have been using ever-so-gradually…then the next project will be the one for which that now-completely-used print would have been the absolute perfect fabric. But, yeah, I'm pretty much over that.

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