Another Blazing Star……

Star number four.  They are getting a little easier with each one I make.  They are cut with the Blazing Star die which is available for the studio cutter and the GO! cutter.

I have to look at the directions every time to get the pieces in the right order.  Batiks are so similar on both sides so I have to be sure I have the stacks going in the right direction.

Now you can see it isn’t a difficult block but it takes a little practice to get the ends of the triangles lined up since each of the three triangles is a different shape.

So far I’m just using leftover fabrics from other projects.  I haven’t actually chosen any of these to go together before I started cutting.  I just cut a bunch of pieces in the right value (light, medium and dark) and then picked the ones I thought would work together.  I have 3 more cut and ready to sew.  Now it is time to get some yardage out and cut specific combinations for the blocks.

Yesterday I went to 3 Goodwill shops with 2 friends, then lunch at Steak ‘n Shake and last stop at a quilt shop near the last Goodwill store.  This is what I purchased.  A fun day!


18 thoughts on “Another Blazing Star……

  1. I really love how the group of stars work and how the colors play together. It is very different and unique. However, I will just appreciate them as I would never attempt them, they are outside my skill level.

  2. sounds like a fun day, I haven't done Goodwill shopping in ages although I did go to a antique shop yesterday that was rather new in town – I wasn't impressed 😦
    Love the star blocks, I'm always surprised at how many times I have to look at a pattern over when I am making it.

  3. I bought some of that second-from-the-right fabric recently, too! Heh.

    I love it as-is, but it looks much grayer in a crooked cobblestone block. One of those fabrics that rewards a viewer for looking up close, I guess.

    I am thinking about what makes some quilts/blocks seem to glow more than others. I'm wondering if it's the use of a warm and a cool of the same hue in close proximity?


  4. Of Course your leftover fabrics would be this striking. Each one of your star blocks has such depth and dimension, they are truly beautiful.

    Good to hear you were out and about with friends and I am assuming you may have found some great buys at Goodwill. I always enjoy seeing your fabric buys and know you will create a master piece with them.


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