Blazing Stars……..

I made another Blazing Star block after I came up from the basement.  I had taken one down and took photos of the first 2 together but I just didn’t want to go back down there at 11 p.m. to do another photo shoot.

The top one in this photo is a new block I made 2 days ago with the original block on the bottom.  One block each night will probably be my speed on this quilt.  I did the second and third block the way they are supposed to be, with the darkest star in the center.  Since I cut 2 blocks when I did the first one I will have 2 with the medium star in the center.  When I get a bunch of blocks made I’ll decide if they get to be in the quilt or be used for something else.

I wondered what they would look like on point.  I think I like them straight better.


18 thoughts on “Blazing Stars……..

  1. OMIGOSH, does that ever look hard. I can't even imagine how those blocks go together. I am have a hard time figuring out how to sew denim cut from jeans, using the pockets as sewn to make stockings. I have all these jeans to cut for making another landscape quilt, and did not want to waste the pocket areas, so I cut out the stocking shapes. Maybe I should just stick to quilting.

  2. I like them better straight, too. But time will tell, as it always does.

    A die cutter is probably not in my future. I wonder if they make dies for Margaret Miller's various Angle Play(tm) units?

    She has done some really interesting stuff, but cutting around those templates was kind of a bear, the one time I tried it. Seems to me they would lend themselves really well to die cutting. And I would LOVE to see what you'd do with those! (Hint, hint!)


  3. No matter how you design your combinations they look so beautiful. These star blocks remind me of Christmas stars and how timely you have decided to work on them.


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