30 blocks……..

Thirty blocks are done.  I had to build this sideways on the design wall so this is the first time I have seen in vertical when I rotated the photo.  I have to take the blocks off the wall by tonight so I have to make the decision soon if it is ready to sew together.

I glanced out the kitchen window as I was walking through the room and saw a spot of red.  My first reaction is that it is probably the cardinal and then I took a better look.  He is helping to clean up under the feeder.


24 thoughts on “30 blocks……..

  1. The quilt looks great. I have woodpeckers in my feeder all the time. I also have many nuthatchers and of course chickadees. That is only a few of them. I have an Illinois bird book and have marked the many pages of the birds that I have had in my feeder. Enjoy your day and watch out for the storms we may get this afternoon.

  2. it looks ready to me. the only possible change I see is taking the two brightest that are dead center and swapping the top one with the one next to it so the are only joined by a corner rather than a side.
    My choice would be swap the bottom one with the one to its left (in the picture)

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