Squaring up……

I mentioned before that I square up the blocks after 2-3 pieces are added to each side.  I thought maybe you would want to see why I do that.  Many of the strips are really crooked so after adding a couple the edge gets really wavy.  I always make sure the strip I’m adding on the edge is a little wider when I know I am ready to trim.

I got a new die for my Studio cutter.  It is the Blazing Star and it has 3 sets of triangles, all different angles.  I knew I would never do this one with templates so it was the die or not at all.  I made a test block to see if it works out and to test my pressing sequence.  I wasn’t paying attention though because the darkest points were supposed to be in the center and the medium tone ones in the background.

I’m going to sew the borders on the spiral quilt and sew the blocks of the pinwheel quilt together today while I have a couple sewing friends over.  Then I’ll link up with the Fractured Quilt Along.


13 thoughts on “Squaring up……

  1. Thanks for explaining the wavy edge/square up. I am sure a lot of us are relieved that your blocks need squared for the same reasons ours do!

    I love your blazing star, I like the color layout except that the blue points are too close in color/value to the background. If you ever alter fabric with paint or makers, you could “adjust” the tone of the blue though…heeee That is what I would do.

  2. Thanks for the info on the squaring up. The star block is beautiful! The red center contrasts beautifully with the other colors. The batiks also add a lot of interest to this block.

  3. BLAZING STAR ! ! ! IS GORGEOUS ! I love what you have chosen for this one. I can't imagine it any other way. By using the darkest points in the center… You have designed the perfect star. I suppose I will eat my words if you change it around. (*._,*)

    I have often wondered when squaring up a block and it is not cut on the true grain… IF it is laundered would the piece pull here and there because of the grain ?


  4. I love the blazing star block- the colors are gorgeous and I am sure when you create a quilt with it, it will be stunning..
    You do have fun playing with fabric don't you…

  5. Making the square-up strip a little wider adds to the visual appeal of the block and ultimately the quilt. The eye sees something just a little different.

    I look forward to seeing your star blocks. (And I'll look up the Fractured Quilt Along.)

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