Am I done?…….

I have quilted all of the seams where the blocks are joined and the center seam of each 16 patch in both directions which gives the effect of 4 patches.  Now I need to decide if I want to stop here which will make a really soft quilt or continue and quilt the remaining 36 seam lines.

Here are some color schemes for quilts:


14 thoughts on “Am I done?…….

  1. I know you will decide the best way to finish off your quilting on this one.

    Photo's are gorgeous and I can see you are gearing up for some wonderful combinations ahead. Every photo even has my head spinning with ideas.


  2. I like how your color dominates the quilt not the quilting – I like soft quilts and with most batting now we do not have to quilt it to death as you see so many in recent years – then it comes more about the quilting and not the design of the quilt pattern itself. Sometimes I feel I put too much quilting in some of my quilts although I normally like it when I get done I see that I could have left some of it out.

  3. I have a hard time knowing when to quit quilting sometimes. I like the softer quilts, but I like the “sturdiness” of some of the more densely quilted ones, too. Decisions, decisions! Your quilt color inspirations are beautiful.

  4. My fire bush is very faded this year. Maybe it will turn real red but so far it hasn't. Yes, nature is a great place to pick some colors that go together.

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