An October finish………..

I finished quilting this African fabric 16 patch quilt yesterday afternoon and last night I put on the binding.  I couldn’t face doing a black binding so I used the backing fabric for the binding.

The backing is a Bali batik from the early 1990s and I think it is supposed to be antlers.

It has black in it as well as rust and white and I think it made a good binding.

The two tone cactus is full of buds so it should bloom for a couple weeks.


17 thoughts on “An October finish………..

  1. Wonderful work. Powerful and modern. The graphic impact of the Vlisco fabrics sticks out! Figure this in an elegant environment — a highlight for any room!

  2. Great finish. I love the sparkle of the binding colors, makes an exciting frame without taking away from the drama of the black/fabrics. All I am looking at is tiny buds on my Christmas cactus plants.

  3. Absolutely STRIKING Wanda. You told me where the African fabric's originated and I think I remembered right, but I don't want to say for fear I am wrong and be embarrassed. You did another great job on this one love the backing/binding fabric also. And your cactus… your plants always look so healthy and beautiful. What beauty this one is .JJM

  4. I really like the binding fabric you ended up choosing. I wouldn't want to struggle with black either. My Christmas cactus has some tiny buds and I'm hoping they mature and open.

  5. Why do you guys think black bindings are a struggle? Do you find actually making them and putting them on difficult? Or is it the effect the black binding has on the quilt? Curious. I love this quilt. What's the size of the individual squares in the 16 patches? Did you go to Africa to purchase the fabrics yourself?

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