20 blocks, big enough……..

I think this is the final layout, unless another idea jumps into my head while I stare at it.

I started another batch of blocks because I still have so many strips left.  That will give me a chance to use one more layout and then I have to move on to something else.

Someone asked if I’m using a foundation for my piecing.  No I rarely use foundations.  I just piece, press after a couple strips, square it up about 3 times in the process of making the whole square.  That keeps it from getting too stretched out of square since a lot of these strips are crooked cuts.  They are all the clean up cuts from straightening the ends of a piece of fabric.


19 thoughts on “20 blocks, big enough……..

  1. Love it, love it! Somehow I need to collect some great fabric like this. Hard to do online, as I need to see how fabric plays together, there is probably a science to building a great collection.

  2. I like this one. Especially the little "bow tie" effect of the black fabrics that are corner-to-corner at the bottom left.I'm up to 10 batik Cobblestone blocks on my design wall. That's super-slow, by your standards, but I'm enjoying it as a leisurely process. Every new block I add changes the look of the whole wall. Lots of freestyle rearranging. No plan, just happy colors. Lots of ironing and cutting and folding back up: I find that part of the process soothing, go figure.Frebblebit

  3. O.K. i won't fall in love with it as is… I will wait till you add those additional blocks. I too am always amazed at how you use every snippet of fabric and have it turn out so spectacular. JJM

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