17 blocks…….

I have been sewing a few strips onto blocks now and then so last night I made an effort to get more blocks up to the 15.5″ size.  I was going to make 24 blocks which would make a 60″ x 90″ quilt but now I’m thinking maybe 20 blocks for a 60″ x 75″ will be enough.  I’m thinking large lap quilt for this one.  I guess my layout will determine the number of blocks that it needs.  If I stay with this type layout, 20 will be enough.


19 thoughts on “17 blocks…….

  1. What a beautiful lap quilt this will make! Where ever it goes, they will never get tired of looking at all of the color combinations. Many of the possible layouts are great, but I think this is my favorite.

  2. Like the way this one radiates with this setting. What a neat way to use up those long strings and strips a person gets when squaring up fabrics. P.S. I still like the fractured quilt in the reds/greys—but the other one does have a certain zing to it!!! I have the book now & the weather is starting to cooperate for sewing inside more!! Have a Happy Halloween

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