Another top sewn together……….

I decided I wanted my design wall back so it was time to decide on a final layout and sew the top together.  I’m really happy with it now.  It was worth the time to rearrange the blocks.

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21 thoughts on “Another top sewn together……….

  1. Another beautiful work of art…..wish I had youreye for color. I really enjoy seeing your Christmascactus too, my Mom always looked forward tohers starting to get blooms.

  2. Normally this pattern isn't a fave because it looks too much like my scattered mind, but I love this one. You did a super job of organizing the blocks just right!

  3. You are so productive, it's amazing. This looks great off centered! I'm still plugging away on mine, had two weekends in a row that I spent traveling instead of sewing, going to sew this weekend, my machine is missing me terribly!

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