Pinwheel blocks…..

Two friends came over to sew yesterday and I worked on a variety of things.  I made the last 8 pinwheel blocks.  This will finish around 39″ x 45″ if I don’t add a border.

I also worked on a gift for a baby shower that I will attend today and did some quilting on the African 16 patch quilt.

The two tone pink and white cactus has started blooming.  You can see several buds in the background.  I have 2 plants of this color and the other one doesn’t have any buds yet.

I was moving things around in the basement for more accessible storage for my cutting dies and I came across 5 huge binders of pages torn out of magazines in the 1970s and early 80s.  This handkerchief quilt was one of them.  It looks like they placed the ones with straight edges every other one and then overlapped the ones with fancy edges over them.


15 thoughts on “Pinwheel blocks…..

  1. The pinwheels are looking nice. So far I like all of the works in progress!!! Although I can still see the silhouette of a superhero character… imposed on Fractured!!! Oh that hankey picture… it does look 70's!

  2. As always, I get more carried away studying the various background neutrals in your quilts than the brighter colors. I am not sure why neutrals are such a fascination to me. At first glance, they read as a solid to the brain, but then there is really more to them.I love the hanky bed cover. Sweet!

  3. Just want you to know I check in with your blog every day. I enjoy seeing what you're working on. Love your colors. I had to try the fractured quilts myself. And yesterday I bought a Christmas cactus!

  4. it is interesting looking through the binders of quilt patterns that we used to save isn't it. I have two of them put aside and haven't looked at them for a couple years once again – I try to remind myself what is there now and then and I don't know why I still have them – I never use them – taste change or else I just keep thinking of new things to take their places!

  5. Working on my Fractured quilt with flannel Grinch fabric and it is turning out fantastic. Thanks for reminding me I had this pattern in my hands all the time. I am going to take my 'leftovers' and make a pinwheel throw too.

  6. The pinwheels are looking good. Remember McCalls Needlework magazines from way back when? I used to keep those and finally got rid of them all. I regret it to this day. I used to love looking through them. I have some hankies that some day I will do something with them. Enjoy the sunny day.

  7. Great Saturday post again Wanda… And the page from one of your binders, just made me smile. I get more nostalgic the older I get, and so love to see the things from days gone by. I think my grandma made a handkerchief quilt.Your cactus blossoms are always a delight to see. As well as your pinwheels. JJM

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