Sewing, basting…….

This is the quilt I am basting now.  It has one row of squares hanging off the other side of the double table.  For the new readers, here is where I explain my basting.  Here is another post where I show the needle package.  Most people that hate thread basting are using too short of a needle.  Mine are fine needles about 2″ long, plenty of needle to get hold of to pull through.

I have some people asking if my stitching doesn’t get caught in the basting thread and my answer is that I would rather stitch through a thread than a safety pin.  I don’t have to unbaste as I go but you do have to remove your pins as you go.

I have 4 sets of strips sewn on 24 blocks now.  I still have a long way to go to get 15-16″ blocks.

This is the pile of little pieces that are too short to use in these blocks.  They are anywhere from 1″-2″ wide and most are 3″ long or shorter.  They are calling my name to play and make a small project but I’m resisting.


22 thoughts on “Sewing, basting…….

  1. huh! I see that your basting stitches are diagonally set; that's new to me. Thanks for the tips on thread and needles..I usually try to use up old thread (probably why it breaks off). IHave a wondrous weekend…hugs, Julierose

  2. wanda, when you baste a quilt too big for your table, do you just let the weight of the part that hangs off provide the tension needed to keep the backing taut, or do you have some way of securing the hanging side, such as cords or weights or gremlins? — christine

  3. Always enjoy a "COLORIFIC" Saturday post and so inspiring. And loved yesterday's post with the fractured piece in the works and all your mug rugs plus your cactus blossoms. And they amaze me too. JJM

  4. I don't think I have ever thread basted a quilt. Use safety pins. I think I'll give your method a try.Love your blocks and your quilt is gorgeous. I have a pile of those little pieces, too. Can't throw them away, but not sure what to do with them, yet.

  5. I, too, thread baste my quilts and prefer it over pins. I haven't the dexterity to open/close pins anymore. Besides I think the basting works better and makes the quilt sandwich much lighter. As for your little scraps??? It's futile to try and resist playing with them!!

  6. I just discovered your blog… and I love it!!Your work, your colors and your thecnique are an inspiration to keep learning and practice patchwork (in my country is not a mass art, but, I hope in a few years if it is).(sorry, but my english is not so good!)Greetings from ChileScarlett

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