Playing with strips…….

I started playing with the strips last  night and remembered too late that I needed to extend the strips longer than the corner square for later trimming.  These 4 may become mug rugs.

I started a new batch of blocks and have the strips extending beyond the corner block.  If I don’t do this I will end up having to trim the corner block too when I get done piecing.

I got this far on the  next 8 blocks.  When I was making THIS quilt back in 2010 I knew I wanted to make another because I liked so many of the layouts.  Here are a couple posts with layouts.
This quilt will be larger though, probably 24 blocks.  I don’t know how big I will make the blocks but around 15″ is pretty likely.


23 thoughts on “Playing with strips…….

  1. What a differance a layout makes. With the center being dark and all of the squares facing the same direction it gives a 3D effect. It almost looks like a tunnel. Now if I can only remember this quilt when I have time to do my own thing. I love it!!

  2. Ditto on all the comments before mine, and thanks for the links to the layouts. I'm very inspired by your dark square and all the possibilities. I thought I had a scrap strip stash, but it's nothing compared to yours. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go strip some yardages!! Great project for anytime…snow?…really…it's still in the 80's here in Texas. Sue

  3. Oh Wanda ~ those are great posts featuring your poka dots. Love every single one of them. I looked for my comments and at first could not figure out why I had not sent in a comment at that time …. but it was during my knee surgery rehab and I was traveling to PT every day.So glad you added the links today to see them again. Just absolutely stunning.JJM

  4. Those blocks are such fun – love the bright colours with the dark centres! And I love the potential mug rugs – those will be fabulous mug rugs for someone!

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