Making more blocks…..

I decided my Fractured 2 quilt is missing some saturated color.  I got 2 C and 2 D blocks and 4 pinwheel blocks made last night.  I also got a little basting done on my African 16 patch.

I spent a little more time with my parents’ photos because the family reunion is today and I want to take some of them to give to several families.  It sounds like there might be a little rain but we will be inside a building at the forest preserve so we will be warm and dry.


9 thoughts on “Making more blocks…..

  1. Saturated color. What wonderful words. How beautiful they look! A guild member lent me New York Beauty and it looks overwhelming. I need to get up to speed on paper piecing. Any advice? Hope you have a warm and meaningful time at your reunion.

  2. As usual you provide inspiration…..I have some Dr Seuss Grinch Christmas flannel I wanted to make a quilt from for the holidays. Being Seuss designs, I knew I didn't want a traditional, squared designed. The fractured blocks are perfect! And I had forgotten I had the book the pattern is in….a double win. So now off to play with the Grinch!

  3. Wanda, every time I look at your last post all I see is what I think is a misplace block, but not real sure, it is the goldey spot that you start with, and on the bottom next to the jelly bean fabric is one block that looks wrong. have a look and see what you think.

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