More parts, center changed………..

Rosemary and I basted her quilt in a very short time.  We even had time to go out to lunch afterwards. It is so nice to have the 2 large tables clean and ready for a basting job.  I’ll do one of my own in a few days too. Last night I sewed 7 more groups of pieces for blocks.

I took out both the red print square and the light square and added 2 more pieces like the rest.  In the book the center starts spiraling in a square pattern and I have mine set up as a rectangle shape.  I’ll try it the other way when I get more pieces made and can do the real layout.


14 thoughts on “More parts, center changed………..

  1. This is going to be stunning. I just repurposed a UFO that was originally a stack and whack to Red Center so i can work on it before i move. It will be moss greens and purples. Contrast in color more than values.

  2. Fun prints combined with your "exuberant" fabrics on the blocks you stitched last night. I really like the rectangle center vs. the square thus far. But I know you will come up with another center before this is all over. (*._,*)JJM

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