Red center, pinwheels……………

I did a trial layout of the quilt called “Red Center” in Kathy Doughty’s book.  I have 3 repeats of each so they will be spread out in the quilt and not so close to each other as they are in the sample.  I wanted to see if my variety of backgrounds was going to work well or if I needed to make them all in the cream/white/black prints.  I think I might like the center to be the same shape as the other pieces instead of a square though.  After I make more pieces I will get serious about designing this one.

I made 12 of the pinwheel blocks and 10 Fractured blocks last night too. 

I also worked on sorting my parents’ old photographs.  I have a family reunion on Saturday and I want to give some of the photos to the appropriate families.  I still have a lot to sort so I hope I get them done in time.

My friend Rosemary is coming over today and we are going to baste one of her log cabin quilts.  This is a detail shot of quilt #4 with an embroidery I gave her as a center of one of the blocks.  We are going to baste quilt #3 which has been hanging at my house for about 3 months waiting for a day we were both available.


15 thoughts on “Red center, pinwheels……………

  1. I like your idea of having the center being one of the blocks instead of a solid. It is interesting how different a square can make when it is put at different angles. Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.

  2. that is a good idea of sorting the photos. My aunt did that once and when I visited her I was surprised to receive a huge envelope of photos to bring back to Arkansas to share with my brothers and sisters. Aunt is reaching 90 soon and felt it time to go through some things as she knew her step children wouldn't know any of the people in the photos and wouldn't know what to do with them – she came into their lives late in her life and they do not know most of us especially when we were children.

  3. I know you didn't ask for votes, but I love the current variety in the light prints. Scrap quilts are my favorite, and I think one's going to be a really fun one. I also agree with you on the center block.

  4. Enjoy watching the fractured block quilts come together. Pinwheel blocks, too. Love the colorful, happy, scrappy log cabin blocks. What size are the strips and blocks?

  5. So many pretty things here today! I agree with you about the red center. I know that's the way the pattern is written, but it looks "off". I like your variety in the background fabrics. When you have as large a selection as you do right there in your own house – why not use it!

  6. I know you will find 'the right design' that will please you on Red Center… that's why I check out your blog every day… always full of ideas. Pin wheels always fun to look at in fabric and real ones too. What a treat to have a friend to help baste your quilts in waiting. JJM

  7. I think your blocks will work but when you check out julies red centre, her colours pop out at you and the background blends, to allow them to stand out, I don't doubt you will make it zing

  8. I definitely agree about not a solid square in the center of the first quilt–glad you mentioned this. My eye goes to it continually, rather than being led around the composition. I like the scrappy whites, but I'm sure something with more uniformity in the background would also be striking.

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