Time to bake……..

The art quilters group is coming tomorrow so I’m baking today.  I mixed the 2 batches of dough last night.

I made it to the alumni tea.  The traffic was horrible.  There was one high school in that town in the 1950s and now there are 4 high schools.  All streets in the direction I needed to go were closed until cleanup after the parade so it took almost an hour to get from one side of town to the other.  There were several long speeches so we didn’t get out of there until almost 1:30.  My best friend and her husband and I went to the restaurant that is in her grandfather’s old house and called her cousin who was also in our class to meet us there.  The sky started getting dark at 3 so I headed for home and missed all of the rain.  I guess it was really a downpour over an inch in a short period of time in a lot of places.


8 thoughts on “Time to bake……..

  1. Please tell me that … I will not have to click on that box with the question mark in the center, from now on. Your script came in as usual but no photo but what I describe above. Is it my mac or a new set up with the blog ?I clicked on the box and your photo did come in of your delicious looking cookie dough.I know where you graduated and I was surprised to hear how many high schools are now there. I wouldn't have believed it, if we had not been there this year and saw for ourselves. JJM

  2. I too did not get the picture of the cookie dough but it came through on bloglovin so I knew what it was. Glad you finally got to your destination. I had a real downpour here but nothing violent. I am glad it is over and nice to have a couple of cool days.

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