More mug rugs………

I am still working on mug rugs.  Once I get started I want to stick with it because with the routine I get pretty good on the binding.  I could almost say I’m enjoying doing the binding.

I’m doing them all by machine.  I sew the folded binding on the front and then press the binding out.  Turn it under and stitch in the ditch right next to the binding on the right side to catch the flap on the back. I do one side at a time, backstitching at the beginning and end on each side.  This way the corners look really good on the back. Then bartack the corners.

The photo above is the front and here is the back.  I cut the binding 2 1/4″ and sewed with a 1/4″ seam.  That gives me enough extra on the flap on the back to get caught in the stitching.

I used the same color backing and binding on more than one so I could use the same color thread on more than one.

I finished these 2 during the day when the light from the window was perfect for a photo.  Then I mowed the grass and walked down to the library to return a book.

I finished these last 3 while watching TV last night.


23 thoughts on “More mug rugs………

  1. I just love your mug rugs. I have only made one but you inspire me to want to make more. Yours are so colorful, I love it! Also like the way you do the binding. Makes the front part more smooth looking. I fixed it so you could reply if you need to.

  2. They are all colourful and pretty. I so admire your nice neat bindings. I do mine the same way but they never seem to look as good as yours.. I need to practice!

  3. I'm not doing many mug rugs these days, but I do need to make some new pot holders. I'll try your technique on them and see if I'm happier than I've been in the past. Your mug rugs are really pretty!

  4. What a great way to do machine bindings! I need to remember that. What is a bartack, though??? (and, like everyone has said, your color choices, like always, are fabulous!)

  5. Although I like stitching down the binding by hand, it would be nice if I could do it be machine when time is a factor or for baby quilts and mug rugs, place mats, etc. Yours look really neat and I think I will have to work on the technique.

  6. I love your mug rugs, Wanda. I've made a couple, but you have inspired me to make more. Love your straight and wavy line quilting. Thank you for the binding tutorial. I like to sew my binding on with a sewing machine.

  7. I have started to make mug rugs with my leftovers. Saving the tops till I have a few then will sandwich and quilt. May I ask what you do with all of yous as you seem to make quite a few of the mini works of art? Thanks for the binding tips.

  8. Just loved Wed. and Thurs. posts devoted to Mug Rugs. They are mini quilts that everyone of us can make, if only ours turned out as wonderful as yours. Your fabrics are always supreme.And so appreciated learning how you mitered the corners to perfection.JJM

  9. As I said the other day your mug rugs are glorious – I have to say today that the last shot of your dark blue one is all time favourite!I have some ready to go and will definitely try your binding method!

  10. I really appreciate that the photos enlarged when I clicked on them because then I was able to see exactly where you were putting the bar tacks. (I too would like to know whether you were using double or single binding.)–C.B.

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