Choosing neutrals………

I needed to choose some light neutral fabrics for an upcoming project.  I pulled some old fabrics, some new.  I’m thinking I may use them in the next Fractured quilt too.  I didn’t get as far as pressing and cutting but maybe that will happen today.

Last night while watching TV I quilted 11 of the mug rugs.  These 4 are from the left over ends of strata from the 16 patch quilts.  They are still pretty ugly with the batting edge and no binding.  They will be pretty soon.


15 thoughts on “Choosing neutrals………

  1. I agree with Gene Black, not ugly at all! Also because they are little bits put together as they get older and not so clean ( I hesitate to say grungy!) with use it won't show nearly so much as with another design!

  2. I was just thinking about all the projects you have sewn through the years. How much thread have you used? If you put it all together, would it reach to the moon and back? And if you could calculate how many miles you have sewn, if you could measure all the fabric that has passed under your presser foot, would that also be about to the moon and back? It's possible that it might be!Anyway, I enjoy seeing all your projects, new ones and even the Nostalgia.deb

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