Cleaning up……….

I wanted to do some major cutting yesterday for the next Fractured quilt but instead I ended up cleaning up the cutting table, doing yard work, and cutting backings for mug rugs.  I now have a large brush pile for the last pickup of the summer and clear paths to the windows that are getting new combination storm/screens.  Maybe today I can get the fabric cut.


13 thoughts on “Cleaning up……….

  1. I've been outside in the last few days too. It's been too nice to stay in. It does feel good to get some of the yard chores done,I've just read posts from the last few days.Love the fractured quilt! And I remember those patterns on the pillows. I did a little of that too.I've been skipping my sewing for the good weather. Today I'm heading to the golf course.

  2. Today it is foggy here. Need to go to the store for a few things, but will wait till this burns off. We had all the grandkids here yesterday so we relaxed. Need to sew today. Hope you get all your cutting done. Chris

  3. It must feel good to have the outdoor chores ready for winter. You will appreciate the new window treatment.Your fractured quilt looks spectacular. I'm sure the family time was both emotional and wonderful.

  4. Cleaning must be in the air. I totally cleaned my studio-purged kits and fabric that I will never do to put in the sale room at the upcoming sale room. Feels so good. Even packed two large bins that I know I won't get to before our move. have a great week ahead!

  5. It was the perfect day for doing outside chores. Our weather has been fantastic for this time of the year. Today will be a sewing day for me. I am working on Christmas presents and need to keep up the pace so they will all get done. Thankfully I have no outside work to do. Enjoy your cutting of mug rugs.

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