Another binding……..

I chose this green/blue print for the binding on the Warm/cool Zig Zag quilt.  I got it cut, sewn on, and 2.5 sides hand sewn.

I had to get down on the floor to shoot this photo of the first cactus bloom this fall.  Last year the first one was on Oct. 20 so this is really early.

This photo was taken straight at the plant so you can see why I had to get down to get the whole bloom in a photo.  There are at least 5 more very tiny buds on the plant and I hope there will be more.

I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon going through a hall closet.  In one box were the paycheck stubs from my first job in 1958.  I sewed for a designer at a dress factory.  I started out at $1 and hour and worked up to $1.17 before I left for a higher paying job that I hated in an office.

Also in this box was an envelope with all of the receipts for my very first electric sewing machine.  Dad traded in the treadle on it.  3 cent stamp.  6 bobbins for 90 cents.

Another box had all of my report cards from grades 1-12 and my 8th grade diploma.  I think I need to leave these for my kids to throw away.  I can’t do it.


18 thoughts on “Another binding……..

  1. First, great binding colors. Next, great flower color. I don't have any that color, and none of mine are blooming. I do think I see a bud or two sneaking out. My first job was in 1972 at $1.85 an hour, no stubs. What was that first machine? All of my machines are from the 50s. Except the treadle. This weekend, I am going to a treadle convention and have fun ripping them apart, putting them together, and learning to use the attachments.

  2. Love the delicate shade of pink of that beautiful flower!I wouldn't be able to throw those things out either – what a treasure trove you're finding in that closet!

  3. When we moved last year, I had a filing cabinet full of school, college and seminary notes and records. It was the most difficult downsize ever… I finally decided that I'd keep the records of what I should know and remember (the syllabus for each class)and all grades, diplomas, etc. Very tough decisions!

  4. I think I still have my report cards in a box somewhere. I too can't get rid of them and other small items that I have had for eons. What great memories they have made. I also have a paycheck stub of my husbands that is about $50 a week. We thought we had the world by the tail. I think I have a love letter or note somewhere in the mix of things also. Where has all this time gone?

  5. Fun post today Wanda ~ Excellent choice for your binding.Now your photo 'from the floor' is beautiful, shows off the delicate petals fanning out in all it's glory.Just smiled to see all your memorabilia … Kids today will not even think about working for a $1.00 yet alone a $1.17. But I sure remember those days ! Receipt for your first sewing machine and report cards … I agree those are treasure's your kids should see.JJM

  6. The binding is great for that quilt. Love it! I have some old pay stubs from the first years I worked as well as the tax stuff from the first few years we were married. It's fun to look back at it.

  7. My Christmas cactus has just bloomed, too, also in that pretty pink! Since this one was rescued out of a discard pile, I didn't know what color it would be, and I'm happily surprised. Looking at old elementary school report cards is sweet, with their handwritten grades and notes on a sturdy, folded card. Today's assessments are computer generated, and not charming at all.

  8. Love your binding. LUcky you to have things from your past. My folks threw all my stuff out when we left Los Angeles when I was a teen; I have only one report card from 2nd grade that somehow missed their siege.

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