"No Name" is finished……..

I looked in Kaffe’s book to see what he called this quilt.  He had “Earthy Frames” and “Sunny Frames” for the 2 colorways so I guess this one would be “Cool Frames” as opposed to “Warm Frames” that I made a few years ago.  It is about 50″ x 61″.

I chose the last four pairs for the Fractured quilt.  I’ll make the blocks later this week.

We had a nice gentle rain for a few hours yesterday.  There were lots of sparrows darting between the feeders and the bush and then they started landing on my windowsill.  I have a stone house with extended cement windowsills.  There are 2 birds here although window distortion almost hides one of them.

Most of the birds flew away when I got close enough to the window to take a photo but a couple didn’t seem to care if I was there.


15 thoughts on “"No Name" is finished……..

  1. Cool Frames looks great, Wanda. I have lots of birds after the grass is cut. In fact I usually see a few bluebirds about at that time. however, I can never get close enough to take pictures of the bluebirds. They are very skittish.

  2. "Cool Frames" is really pretty. I see a lovely gentle feeling with this one. Funny how it strikes each one of differently.Love your inquisitive sparrows… I love all my birds and we sure have a lot. I feed everything from our California quail, song birds, and wild turkey. Don't care for the turkeys they take over my seed for the quail. JJM

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