Sneak Peak……….

Time to clean off the cutting table.  I trimmed all of these “ends” into straight strips and I’ll use them for mug rugs.

Progress reports are supposed to be on Fridays for the “Fractured” quilt but here is a sneak peek of how my reds and grays are working together.  Each pair of 5″ strips makes 2 blocks so I have to decide whether I’m using the duplicates in this quilt or just one of each.


10 thoughts on “Sneak Peak……….

  1. Oh, this is fun!I always have "the duplicate dilemma" with blocks that are stacked by twos and then whacked. In one quilt, I used all the duplicate blocks, and liked it, and in another quilt I stacked four blocks (so the darks and lights would work out right), and shuffled once, so that dark1 ended up with light1 and light2, and dark2 went with light1 and light2, so, four different blocks, and I liked that quilt, too.The tradeoff is that you have four blocks with identical cuts, but with something that uses this many component blocks, those might be harder to spot.Frebblebit

  2. Love your fractured blocks!p.s. GREAT geese in yesterday's block — how big is the bordered block? It is really wonderful (if it were in my orphan box, I would include it in my next lettered orphans and orts project.)

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