Fractured week 1

For most quilts I don’t usually pull a whole selection at once.  If I do I’ll lose interest in the quilt eventually.  I did pull everything for this one so that probably means I’ll be starting a second scrappy one to work on at the same time.

This is the book with the directions for 2 quilts using the same style blocks.  I’m sure there are even more layouts that would work too so I’ll be experimenting.

I got a few pieces cut and sewn and will have lots to show by next Friday.  You can click on the link for the Fractured Quilt Along on my right side bar and check out colors and layouts that others are doing at any time.


10 thoughts on “Fractured week 1

  1. I am also planning a second one and was thinking red with black and white too. I'll get the purple and yellow one done first. Red will be my incentive to get the first one done!

  2. Red is a popular colour! Looking forward to seeing completed blocks of this Wanda – seems like both the fractured quilts from Kathy are popular, I too would like to make her second quilt.

  3. I pulled all the fabrics I wanted for the scrappy background (yardage, not scraps) along with a stack for the contrast. I don't know which ones I'll end up using, and I'm guessing I'll be revisiting the stash. No cutting yet, but soon! Can't wait to see how you play with this design . . .

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