Piles of blocks……….

We got more rain yesterday morning so it was a good time to sew.  I had 18 strip sets sewn and sliced but didn’t get all of the blocks made.

This is the second batch I sewed.  I still have 5 more blocks to make and then the 18 duplicate blocks.

It is supposed to be hot and steamy today.  I need to finish cutting the volunteer trees for brush pick up this week.  I’m sure they won’t pick them up on Labor Day so maybe I can finish up on Monday when it cools off.


6 thoughts on “Piles of blocks……….

  1. It is looking very good. I am trying to quilt two quilts to get ready for my guild show Oct 4 and 5th. I quilt on my 301s, one on each and just change chairs. One is queen size, the other twin. I have to forcibly restrain myself from starting new ones which is very difficult as my head is swimming with ideas. I cut up a bunch of squares for my mom to sew for the exploding squares so I can get more chemo quilts going.so, I am vicariously enjoying new projects through you.

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