More blocks, a couple layouts………

These 2 blocks came from the same strip.  This is what happens when it is a large print.

The black background prints blend right into the alternate black fabric.

There was a wide stripe edge on this fabric so I put all of the stripes into the same block.

The top 2 in this group are a couple of my favorite African fabrics.  I bought them in the late 1990s.

Some of the background fabrics aren’t black but they will read almost as dark as the black in the whole layout.

Here are two more that I sewed yesterday.

I did two layouts.  In this first one I have the only block that has a really light color in it in the group.

In this second layout I took out the light block and put in the last blue block.  I like it both ways.  I still have more strip sets to sew so there will be more sets with light colors in future blocks.  This would be 40″ x 48″ the size it is now.


14 thoughts on “More blocks, a couple layouts………

  1. What I love about these is that some of the colors seem to float or have some depth like looking through a lit window at night. It must be the patterns and saturation. Very unusual and very wonderful.

  2. I am loving the African fabrics, as always! You've inspired me to do more work on my own African-fabric quilt.I really like that some of the background blocks are near-black and not black-black. That's an inspired move.Frebblebit

  3. Enjoyed seeing the many photo's today Wanda, and then your layouts of all you have sewn to this point. Can hardly wait to see what the additional blocks will do to your 'African dance design'.JJM

  4. The more you make "this" quilt the more I am amazed. How many of these quilts have you made? and I sure hope you have a book with a picture of each, they are wonderful.

  5. Hi Wanda, I've been ridiculously busy lately and haven't commented much, but I love these blocks with the black. After making my crayons quilt with blacks, I can see myself making one of these to use up some of that extra fabric I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

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