Another new project……..

I have been making the 16 patch quilts with 2.5″ strips and they are ending up large lap quilts.  I decided to use some of my (3 boxes full) of 2″ strips and try some wallhanging size pieces.  They would also qualify for baby quilts.  I started out with my regular quilting cottons and later in the evening pulled out the first box of batiks and sewed some more strips sets.  I will press and slice them today.  I will still only get 2 blocks per strips set.


13 thoughts on “Another new project……..

  1. Those squirrels are better than any acrobat I have ever seen. I missed your post yesterday with all my Monday chores.Your new strips are just beautiful, florals are so sharp and as usual color just jumps off my computer screen. JJM

  2. I showed my SIL your 16 patches along with 2 other patterns I thought would work well for my niece's wedding and she chose the 16 patch. Tedi's colors are nuetrals, browns, tans, and greys and I am using batiks-finally get to make a 16 patch! My DIL also likes that design and am collecting fabrics for her as well.

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