Four pastel blocks………..

I got 4 more blocks sewn but didn’t even have the energy to sew the duplicate blocks.

We got 4 tote bags completed and parts of 23 more bags made at church sewing circle.  On the way home it rained so hard I could hardly see the road.  Not a drop in my town though.  We need rain badly.

I had just a few rows left to knit on each of these 2 dishcloths so I finished them last night.


7 thoughts on “Four pastel blocks………..

  1. Ha raining here now… and yet again in a flash flood watch. weather prognostications here (DC) are really bad… although we have inherited- Erica Grow from one of the Chicago stations… forget which one. Love the ladybug dishcloth!

  2. I didn't have rain either. Sure am tired of watering the plants but doesn't look as if we will have rain soon. No sewing at this house, just locker hooking and cleaning closets.

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