Autumn coneflowers…….and some more backing choices……..

I finally got back to the 16 patch that started this garden series.  I had stolen the prettiest pink blocks from this group and made Peony Garden.  Then I just couldn’t make myself work with this group again.  As I was cleaning off a table Wednesday I picked up the blocks and went to the design wall and in 20 minutes had “Autumn Coneflowers” ready to sew.  The coneflowers have dark brown centers now and the petals are drying up.  I think this top has the feel of my back garden right now.

I dived into the backing bins again and came up with this one for this quilt.

While showing the 3 tops to some friends yesterday I decided that the morning glory print would look good with the “Zinnia Garden” quilt.

That  meant looking for more choices for “Peony Garden”.  First I tried 2 greens.

Then I pulled a pink print but it is almost too bubblegum pink.

Next I re-tried the print from yesterday.  I still like this one, but I like the green fabrics too.

And the final piece I pulled was tried with 2 of the quilt tops.  I’m not sure I like it well enough with either of them.

Yes I have a lot of pieces large enough for backing.  Every time I found a sale for $3 – $4.50 a yard I considered buying enough for a backing.  I haven’t paid full price for a backing for many years.


22 thoughts on “Autumn coneflowers…….and some more backing choices……..

  1. Autumn coneflower is so pretty and the backing choice is perfect! I am liking the large prints on the backs of these quilts – they are all great choices! Gosh, I would love to see you stash! You have such a great eye and to have picked up the bargain fabrics that are making these fantastic back was genius! Who knew?

  2. I love your blog and read it daily. Your nine patch series is just wonderful. We share the frugal gene as I won't pay full price for anything that goes on the back of a quilt. Recently I needed 9 yards for each of two quilt backings. Found all I needed on the sale tables at local stores.

  3. All of your garden quilts are wonderful. I have enjoyed watching the process. I realized this morning that that your 16 patch blocks were what influenced me to make 16 patch checkerboards with some old hand dyed fabric from a long ago guild workshop. I started making 4 patches with no plan in mind and they evolved into 16 patch blocks. Not the first time you have inspired me.

  4. Autumn Coneflower – another beautiful quilt and name!I just love these 16 patch quilts Wanda – you've just can't not feel happy as anything looking at this series of quilts!

  5. Really is fun to see what choices you have for the backings. All are so complimentary to your designs. And this has been a delightful garden series for us to watch grow into such beauties. JJM

  6. I love how you are naming all these quilts after flowers 🙂 And you've inspired me to start cutting up my extensive batik stash for this 16-patch pattern. Coneflowers are my favorite summer flower, and coincidentally I've got many pink/orange/fuschia batiks! Thanks for all the lovely photo inspiration!

  7. Wow, your projects are super. They are so colorful. You said that simple designs make great quilts. You are certainly correct. Where do you find good fabric for $3-$4.50 a yard? Not around my area that is for sure. Fabric has gone up so much. I was at a quilt store recently and their new fabric was $13.99 a yard! It was nothing special, just regular cotton, but it was a batik.

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