Final blocks made……….

I made the last 6 blocks, two each of this selection.

I put all of the blocks up on the design wall but I can see I need to spend a little more time arranging them.

This pile is the seeds for the next quilt.  It will be mostly low contrast and pastel.

It sounds like we will have a couple rainy days this week so maybe I can convince myself to quilt something on those days.


17 thoughts on “Final blocks made……….

  1. Wanda, just beautiful. Each individual block is fabulous but when you see them all up on your design wall – WOW! Can't wait to see your final arrangement!

  2. These flower garden quilts are fabulous! I am living vicariously through your sewing since we are in the middle of a move and I can't do any sewing myself yet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love watching all you do. I like Gene's comment. An appliqued vine around a couple of sides would be interesting. Not that you need anything else to make your beautiful quilts interesting:) We have had the coolest summer here in SD that I can ever remember.

  4. Love the way you design with the season'. At least this summer it sure seems that way. Seems we all are inspired by something and those that use nature for inspiration are the ones I am drawn to.JJM

  5. I can't find any way for you to improve the layout; Peony Garden is already so beautiful. With my glasses off, I see that you have darker blocks around three sides, so I guess the pillow will be placed stage right in the photo. The impact is cheerful and exuberant!

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