Looks like a zinnia bed……….

I took out the blocks that were more pastel and added 19 duplicate blocks that I sewed yesterday plus some more duplicates sewn the day before.  There are 2 of almost all of the blocks.  A few were leftovers from the green/pink quilt so there aren’t duplicates of them.  It looks like a pixelated zinnia bed to me.  Below is the photo from yesterday so you can see how it has changed.

Mimi, you are a no reply blogger and your profile is private so there is no way to reply to you.  Please email me with the email link on the right side bar or the email link in my profile and I will send you the pattern for the dishcloth.

29 thoughts on “Looks like a zinnia bed……….

  1. Oh my. I love, love, love your colorful beautiful quilt. It reminds me of some garden quilts in one of my KF books. I'm still using your dishcloth pattern and I've passed along your pattern to some other bloggers. They do a good job washing dishes.

  2. The quilt top is just beautiful; the colors and textures just blend together so beautifully, a real gift that you have.I'm relieved that your dad is out of the hospital and set up somewhere safe. You can breathe again. 🙂

  3. Wanda, just a super delight for the eyes. I smile just seeing it. I do like the pastels, I am sure you will come up with a creative way to work those up. Oh, if I could sew as fast as you. I have a hard time just making decisions in quilting.Linda

  4. I've been enjoying your series of "garden" quilts. Very lovely. Would love to have your stash, so that I could make quilts with such a variety of colors.

  5. Well look at that, these quilts sort all seem similar but seeing two of the maybe layouts on the wall with pictures really points to how hard you work to get the colors just so! Amazing

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