Finally the design wall…..

I got the 6 strip sets sliced and sewn into blocks.

Then I went down to the design walls in the basement and took down the pink and green blocks and numbered the rows.

Then I was able to take the 28 blocks that are finished to the design wall and play.  It is too spotty looking for me right now.  I know I want to make more blocks that have low contrast between the 2 fabrics.  I think I also will make more all green blocks. I may have to add the duplicates of each block for more consistency. This one is in the early stages so it may change a lot before it is done. 


10 thoughts on “Finally the design wall…..

  1. It is so interesting whenever you talk about how you are thinking about color; "too spotty", "more green blocks," "less contrast". I'm going to make an H-Block quilt for my son's high school graduation. I have a large collection of plaids and stripes I want to use and may possibly add batiks. What do you think as you are initially picking two fabrics for a block? Read your blog every morning!Roxanne in Virginiarlhooathotmaildotcom

  2. Wanda, I had a crazy thought. What if you tried the all green blocks at the top, and worked down with combo color blocks and end with the red two tone blocks doing a color shift from top to bottom? At this point, they are just loose on the wall. My first cup of coffee thought.

  3. I like it the way it is except the two red blocks in the lower right together. I fear changing it much could make it lose the beautiful randomness you add to your quilts with such ease. By the way I tried and random is very difficult so I am in awe.

  4. Yes, I would like to see it as the other lady suggested, the greens at the top, then purples on the periphery, and the pinks all down by the bottom, just to play around of course. you might need to add more greens though. judy

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