30 dishcloths………..

I never did get to the sewing machine yesterday but I finished the yellow and white dishcloth on top of the left pile.  There are 30 dishcloths here and I have 3 locations that I am donating some too.  Others will be used for gifts.  It is so relaxing to knit them and they are pretty much instant gratification since they are done in a few hours.

The weather has changed, in the 50s last night.  It sounds like open window weather for a few days.


16 thoughts on “30 dishcloths………..

  1. Love your dishcloths, Wanda. I enjoy using that dishcloth pattern. I'm not familiar with the yellow and white yarn. Do you remember what it's called?

  2. I always get a stack of the cloths from a friend for my birthday. She likes to knit them for her sanity! I like white because I can then Javax them. The colors are really pretty though!

  3. I so very much enjoy your blog and the wonderful colors. AND reminded me again how much I used to enjoy knitting those dishcloths.YOU are so much encouragement to me. THANKS for BEING YOU!!Linda Lee

  4. Yes, Lindie Lee, thank you Wanda for being you! What a beautiful stack of dish cloths. I really need to learn to knit. If only I could just absorb it by osmosis! I'm trying hard not be be jealous of your fifties. We won't see that until late in the fall.

  5. Your dishcloth pattern is my favorite. It does work up really fast. I made them last year and also a pot holder to match and gave them away to friends as Christmas gifts. I enjoy giving, and receiving, things that are handmade.

  6. where is your dishcloth pattern? I looked in the side bar and do not see anything. For a variety of reasons I would love to knit some dishclothes but need patter, needle size and type of yarn…. thanks

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