A really good day……….

By noon yesterday I had 6 more blocks completed to go with the 10 from yesterday.  I moved them down to the basement on the same design wall as my warm blocks.

From the time I started making them I knew I wanted to try some of the deep pink blocks mixed in like flowers.

I continued sewing and completed all 27 blocks and the 27 duplicate blocks while I watched some “Bones” episodes on Netflix.

I took out the deep pink blocks and put  all 17 blocks up on the wall.  I need to chose 5 more pairs of fabrics to complete the 63 blocks.

I even got all of the leftovers trimmed into straight strips.  It was so hot and humid out that staying in and sewing was the only sensible thing to do.


15 thoughts on “A really good day……….

  1. love the blocks and the colors you are using.Never got into the Bones show I guess the main character is too different from the one in the books which I read first and that spoiled it for me. I might need to give it another try as it has now been a long time since I read the books.

  2. I'm liking those green blocks! I think you have the best stash ever!!Stay cool and keep quilting. We all like seeing your creativity in progress! Kay in Kansas

  3. After watching the beautiful blue 16 patch evolve I decided to do a beige/cream, browns and greys for my neice who is getting married in Jan. Those are her color choices and I have found almost 20 so far in batiks-need more greys. I love all of yours and your directions were great.

  4. Another day of this horrible heat and then the front comes through and cools us off a bit. It is great weather to stay indoors and sew. Tomorrow is my day to do just that. At least today had a bit of rain this afternoon.

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