A little green sewing…………

I got all of the green strips sewn into pairs and then got these 10 cut in half and sewn into sets of 4 and ready for slicing.

It was a hot and humid day yesterday and the rain in the afternoon just made it more humid.  Tues. – Thurs. are supposed to be the really hot days so more sewing is in the picture.


15 thoughts on “A little green sewing…………

  1. They look beautiful! Do you use your studio cutter to cross cut your strip sets? I have done that and it is so fast! I do worry a bit about loos of accuracy though.

  2. Those greens look nice and COOL!You aren't kidding about the HOT!!! but no sewing for me …. much too hot in the sewing space… We have opted to not cool the upper levels- that a/c unit just cannot handle the heat!!!

  3. When you start getting both high temps and high humidity at the same time, staying in where it's cool is a really good idea. At least you and your young helpers got a lot of your outdoor chores done before this really set in. Enjoy your sew days!

  4. Love the greens! It is miserable here in NE Ohio too. I was still tired last evening from the heat and activity from the weekend so not much got done. I need to mow, but the forecast says it will be 91 at 5 pm. I will wait until about 7 to see if I can stand to go out to mow. The rest of the week it is suppose to be 90 every day.

  5. I love greens but have very few in my stash, must think of that the next time I go fabric shopping. I am going out today but only for lunch so will go from air conditioning to air conditioning. These are the "dog days of summer". Keep cool and keep on sewing.

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