Batik strips…….

This little plastic drawer cart contains all of my 2.5″ batik strips.  I have been cutting them off any batik I’m currently working with for about 6 years.  The top 3 drawers are one layer deep and the bottom 2 are 2 layers.  I estimate there are probably 1000 strips although I have never counted them.  I have pulled all of the blues for my 16 patch quilt (108 strips) and my warm color 16 patch (73 strips).  Last night I pulled 53 green strips and there are still this many left in there.  I think I will revise my estimate to exceed 2000 strips.

I finished reading a John Grisham book yesterday, worked a little on the bark path through my garden, did laundry, and then just wanted some mindless sewing.  I started my green 16 patch.  I just didn’t feel like working on a current in progress project.


18 thoughts on “Batik strips…….

  1. Ah he, mindless sewing and disinterest in the current project. I know that syndrome well! It's all about going with the though and we do finish them all eventually. You're much quicker than me though!You've got lots of quilts left in those drawers.

  2. Which John Grishman book did you read and was it a good read – I hadn't read the last couple that he had and need a good one right now :)I love your batik strips – I think a lot of us would love to steal your cabinet! LOL

  3. Wanda, you are 'THE' professional organizer. And your post today again proves it. 2,000 strips to have ready and waiting for you to work with… unbelievable. JJM

  4. What a wonderful photo of all your batik strips……wow…..6 years worth! It has to be like shopping in your own store when you're making your 16 patch blocks!

  5. After following your blog for a while, and watching you produce numerous beautiful and colourful quilts, I have often wondered what your fabric stash is like. Fabulous!Jeanette, Australia.

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