An 8 block day……

Yesterday was a busy day.  I mowed my grass in the morning.  The 10 year old girl and her friend came by to say they had to do chores in the morning so we decided on 3 p.m. for them to help me.  Between the 2 of them they vacuumed the van, cleaned up the branches from 4 bushes that I trimmed, and the whole time were telling me all of the other things they could do for me.  They have more energy than I have so I told them we would have to save the next project for this afternoon.  I mowed the back yard in the late afternoon.  Then I got my reward for the day, making 8 more blocks, the 4 shown and their duplicates.

This dishcloth is a patchwork of colors, 4 different yarns.  They were all ends of balls of yarn that I wanted to use up.  I like it!


14 thoughts on “An 8 block day……

  1. Nice to hear that the young ladies were energetic and thinking up things they could do for you. I was in high school education for almost 20 years and I was encouraged that many kids still have that work ethic. Nice blocks!

  2. I like todays post … your dish cloth is a nice companion with your blocks… I see the same colors in both. (*._,*)I like it too.JJM

  3. I like that dishcloth too! For years, I've told my hubby I need a houseboy… nada. Maybe I'd get results if I asked for a couple of 10 year-old girls! (grin)

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