Record humidity…….

We are having Amazon Rainforest humidity according to the weatherman.  It is the kind that hits you like a wall of moist heat when you open the door.  It saps my energy so all I got done was 5 more blocks for the 16 patch.  Thursday is supposed to be low humidity and lower temperatures so relief is in sight before the 90s hit again next week.


15 thoughts on “Record humidity…….

  1. no what you mean, it has been hot here too and the humidity has been a lot higher this past week that it had been! Yesterday I was barely outside until evening and then I wasn't out for long before the humidity drove me in.

  2. When I first moved to Chicago from Oregon I almost stopped moving all together when the summer humidity arrived. Now, in SoAL I don't notice it much at all. Maybe that's why we move slower in the South. 😉

  3. July and August are two months good months to live indoors with the ac. Love watching the little totes and 16 patch blocks come together. Pretty Sunset yarn. I'll be on the lookout for a ball of that color 😀

  4. I loved your 16 patch so well that i bought 12-15 more 1/4 yds of beige brown and cream batiks (my neice's choice of colors) to make a throw size for her upcoming wedding. I can't wait to start. Just got back from 2 days at Camo-Watch-a Patcher in Costa mesa, Ca and it was not too hot but a lot of humidity.

  5. I am so glad I am not the only one trying to hide from humidity… and I am vacationing at the beach in Delaware right now – not fun!!! Personal AC units are number one on my list of possible inventions… Love the blocks – the contrasting fabrics are working very well!

  6. I shiver and freeze all day in the ice-box office, then cook to the core in my hot car on the way home, and crash with zero energy by the time dinner is through. So many of us are feeling saggy these days!

  7. Pretty blocks sewn even in your summer heat. Seems the 'August' summer heat is early this year and is hitting everyone. But at least our humidity is so low, you would laugh when we whine about humidity.JJM

  8. The humidity here has been horrible but they say after today's storms, we should have a nice cool front move through that will give us some relief for a few days.

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