Matching projects………..

I made a bunch of pieces and parts for the little tote bags before I left for church sewing circle yesterday.  We got 5 totally done and 17 to the stage of the last rows of stitching around the top.  We will finish those at the next meeting.  I will make the last 14 at home and take them to be filled on the 22nd.

Last night I chose some more strips for my 16 patch quilt.  I will probably make more blocks than I need this time and eliminate the ones that don’t work well.  They will become seeds for the next quilt.

I finished 2 more dish cloths with a  new color called ‘over the rainbow’.   All three projects have similar colors, and that wasn’t planned. 


8 thoughts on “Matching projects………..

  1. You are so generous with your time, talents and resources. I love all your work.Do you block your dish cloths to get them so square? I use this same pattern and mine come out with a stretched out end corner.

  2. All three projects may have not been planned but they sure make a nice post for today…. I do notice most of your posts are color co-ordinated. It is just comes naturally for you, without even thinking about it. Your totes are such a wonderful gift for the children and they will feel so grown up.JJM

  3. I'm just getting caught up on my blog-reading and I have missed yours!!!! This one in particular makes me feel warm and cozy – I have made than a few of 'grandmas dishcloth' pattern. And I have a few of those red and pink fabrics in my stash. I can't wait to see what you do with them!!!I need to get back to my own stash. Thank you again for always inspiring me!

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