Little bags project…….

I proposed the idea of making little tote bags for our local migrant workers’ Head Start Program children.  Last year we did travel size pillow pillowcases and bought the pillows to put in them.  I have a lot of fabric that I consider pants weight from my days of clothing sewing.  Some of it is over 40 years old, some newer.  It never sells at a garage sale so I wanted to come up with a project for it.  The maximum number of children they can have is 36 so that is how many we are making.  I made this model to show them.  I have the pocket too high on it and the boxing too deep so I’m correcting that now.  I cut out 22 of them and did partial sewing on 7 of them.  I have fabric for 12 more laid out on the cutting table.  I will take all of it this afternoon and see how much we get done.  We will be filling them with school supplies.

Here are some more garden shots.  The coneflowers are really pretty this year.  I guess they like all of the rain.

This is one of my smallest hostas blooming.  To the right of it is one of the giant violet plants. To the left of it is Spiderwort and behind it is a coneflower.  Nothing is organized in this garden.

The Cup of Gold primroses are at the end of their bloom time.  It is too hot and humid to go out and pull weeds right now and the mosquitoes are fierce.


15 thoughts on “Little bags project…….

  1. that's a great use for the old pants-weight fabric. I have tons of old corduroy, originally bought for the same purpose. since I've vowed never again to wear slacks with no spandex, I'm looking for ways to use it. maybe I'll make some (read: "a million") tote bags too. … thanks for the garden photos, inspires me to get out there and re-establish my relationship with the chigger population 😉

  2. What a great idea! Such a nice item to make and fill for children. Beautiful pictures.I'm so done with making clothes. May change my mind, but I doubt it.

  3. I try to make a lap quilt per month for chemo patients that I give away in tote bags with a book in the pocket called When God and Cancer meet. I was part of a group that is based a ways from here, but I could not get the required amount of people to help, and was only allowed to do one pattern (which required 9" fabric squares and, I tend to use every scrap and scrounge for them), and had to sew the tote bags. I found that the fabric for the tote bags, like your denim costly (don't have a stash like yours) and I don't own a serger (have to do French seams). I vowed to still make the comfort quilts on my own (no lack of people who need them) and found I could buy plain canvas totes by the dozen for about $4.00 each which are roomy for the quilts, have cotton web handles and I sew a block pocket on the outside and inside to customize it. In order to make a comfort quilt a month, I had to let the bag sewing go. I am grateful that you can whip these off and have the resources to do it, as I know they are a lot of work. These sewn ones are so much better than the flimsy grocery, non woven ones. You are an inspiration to me.

  4. Catching up reading from last week. The quilts are all beautiful! Love all the color! The gardens are thick and lush! I was out pulling weeks this weekend in the front and now I need to go do the back again. Preen has helped but the rain, humidity, and heat has been helping the weeds grow anyway.

  5. You are a true "GIVER", with all your donating of your time and talents. The kids will be thrilled with the totes. Enjoy seeing your garden shots, can't believe all your rain. We are 'bone dry' here.JJM

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