16 patch progress………..

I sewed a few more of the 16 patch blocks yesterday.  4 of these are new, 3 I had shown before.

Several sets are sewn and ready to slice to make the blocks.  I have to turn the iron on today to press fabric for a church project and to iron all of my blouses.  Luckily the basement is cool because we’re in for a hot weekend.

Here are some more of my little troll friends.

And some more……


11 thoughts on “16 patch progress………..

  1. Love he way your 16 patch is turning out! I make mine like you do yours, love the way the seams nest. I have strips cut to do another and seeing your hot and spicy version makes me think I should get started!

  2. Your 16 patch block are beautiful.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your troll pictures. You have some really cute ones in your collection. I didn't realize there were so many different ones made!

  3. Love how you have designed "Seeing Stars" ~ with red squares, black and white strips and the border fabarics you have selected makes this piece another favorite.16 Patch, has such a fun colorful fabrics. Like all your fabrics in your stash. Went to a log cabin quilt shop on Friday. Thought of you soon as I walked in the door, YOU would still be there … I have NEVER seen so many fabrics in all my life. With my husband waiting in the car I only took a few minutes…. could have taken hours !JJM

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