Seeing stars………

This is the other project I was working on Tuesday when my friends came over.  I add the sashing strips to the left and cornerstone and sashing strip to top of every block and then go to the design wall.

After I have made a decision of the order of the blocks I will know which ones need a right side strip and which ones need a bottom strip.  Only one block ends up with strips all around, the bottom right.

Now I have the right and bottom strips sewn on and I’m ready to assemble the quilt top (except I ran out of energy).

I hung a piece of fabric to the right and then cropped it into a border width with my camera software.  This white and black print has some green in it too.

I meant to post this photo yesterday with the red/white/blue hair.  Just 2 more of my trolls.  I only bought ones that were strange.  I figured they would be the only ones that might be worth more at a later date.


17 thoughts on “Seeing stars………

  1. Gorgeous quilt! I love that the single print used for sashing completely unifies the different prints used as backgrounds — wonderful to see that technique; gives me courage to mix up my scraps a bit more. Thanks for showing your process!

  2. This a very pretty quilt. Black and whites, especially stripes always make the bright colors sparkle! I like the border you've auditioned too.You really saved everything. I remember having trolls but we've moved so often everything was pared . Now we've been here for26 years and things are multiplying in the closets!

  3. Love the stars. My husband and I were watching a marathon of old musicals on TCM so I only got a quilt cut out during breaks. Love the stars.

  4. Your stars are so bright and beautiful and what a good idea to do the sashing as part of the block. When I saw your border fabric I thought of fireworks but this time the stars outshine them.

  5. Some people would say ALL trolls are strange! Perhaps that strangeness is why I think they are so wonderful.I have a pair of troll earrings I wear sometimesLove your stars.

  6. Hello,Love that quilt. The stars are beautifully color coordinated and love the black & red combo and of course the border you are trying out. All looks great together!I used to have a troll with black hair…I wonder what happened to it?It's probably in with all my barbie dolls from long ago. Have a great weekend! Hope you find time to do some more quilting!Kay in Kansas

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