Something new…….

I thought maybe I should do a tutorial on how to plan a 16 patch so that seams are all going in opposing directions when you are ready to sew blocks together into the top.

I chose a few fabrics to get started with.  I have about a thousand 2.5″ strips to choose from.  I have been cutting a strip off every batik that I get out for every quilt that I make.  The blue strips that I pulled to make the last quilt hardly made a dent in the drawers full of strips.

Just to prove I did sew something, here they are with the first seam sewn in all of the pairs.

The art quilters are coming today.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Something new…….

  1. planning ahead with pressing and also strip cutting is very smart. I do it now, but wish I had done it years ago. Not only leads to other projects also is a good thought when having to deal with repairs on damaged quilts because you have some of the fabric on hand. Chris

  2. This is going to be one very interesting tutorial. Just enlarging the first photo and seeing how the salvages alternate has me really wondering. It seems I always repeat myself, but here I go again, your fabrics are so 'Wandaful' ! ! ! JJM

  3. Would sure be interested in your tutorial on the pressing. I like your idea of cutting a batik strip each time you work on a project. Looks like they pile up nicely, ready for this quilt.

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