I don’t know why I thought I would have any energy to sew last night.  The garage sale ended at noon, I did 2 loads of laundry and then I made the Goodwill run late in the afternoon. I stopped at Kohl’s on my way home to buy these $65 shoes for $34 with my 30% off coupon combined with the sale price.  I was simply exhausted when I got home and went to bed way earlier than usual.  Today I need to bake 2 batches of cookies and clean off the tables in the basement for my art quilters who are coming Monday.  I plan on some mindless sewing sometime today.

I got my combination storm and screen windows for my main floor studio installed last Monday and it was so nice to have the north window open and get the cool breeze through the house.  I have 3 windows in the 11′ x 15′ room and previously only one window had a screen on it.


19 thoughts on “Recovering…………

  1. I wish we had those god bargain stores here! We're so far away from shopping that there's not much available.I sure can't do what I used to do. We just have to learn to rest when needed.I know you'll be back at it today.

  2. At least you cleared out things. We have a church here that gives furniture and household things to needy families. Looks like some comfortable shoes. Have fun sewing. Chris

  3. garage sales are a lot of hard work and that is why I don't have them – plus living out in the country you have to really advertise to get people and then you don't always get many. I don't envy you the work, but it was nice to get the extra cash I know so in the end it is worth the work involved – now that you have gotten a good nights rest you will be on top of your day again.

  4. That breeze in your studio sounds wonderful!! We face north and have our windows open almost all the time in the summer as we usually get a fabulous breeze.

  5. Nice to have the garage sale behind you and all those boxes sent to Goodwill. I love that feeling-don't love the effort it takes to get there-especially in the heat. We will be 105-107 today-yuk! Relax a little in between cookie batches.

  6. Glad the garage sale was a success. I am going out to clean my garage right now, I have so much junk to clear out. It seems like I just cleaned it!! That is where all the extra stuff goes to wait for a new home or the trash can. Your new shoes look comfy. Have a relaxing time to get back into the swing of normal life!!

  7. Great garage sale, and some good looking shoes on sale yet. It has been rumored we are to get a Kohl's soon. My sister is always telling me about the bargains she gets there too. I am jealous !96 degrees as I write this and the next 3 ~ 4 days will be in the triple digits. A month early for these temps.

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