One more day……

I will stop talking about the garage sale soon.  The sale starts tomorrow morning at 8 and will continue Sat. morning.  Last night after I mowed my front yard I put price tags on the vintage linens.  The camera doesn’t like the shine of the velvet so the designs look slightly different in person.  I think these belonged to my great aunt.  She and my grandma were sisters and their husbands were brothers.  This aunt didn’t have any children so my mother and my aunt inherited all of her things.  The fringe looks like a silk thread.

These are totally different in color than they look here, again because of the shine of the velvet and my camera’s job of capturing it.  These 2 look like tie dye.  I think these were made back in the early 1900s.  They might have even belonged to my grandma’s mother.  They are edged with a stitch that looks like a serger stitch.  I did a search on the internet and found that the first overlock machines were made in 1881.

For my local readers, my sale is 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m.- noon on Saturday.

I hate to keep harping on this subject, but……if you ask me a question and you don’t have your email enabled, I can’t answer you.  I have an email link on my right side bar and another on my profile page.  Please email me with questions.


10 thoughts on “One more day……

  1. it crossed my mind to make the 7-hour drive and pick up that green one with the fringe and oval borders…. wow. that's a little over the edge. well, I hope some worthy person gets it! good luck with your sale!

  2. Your garage sale sounds like heaven for people loving vintageitems. I think you will have quite a few antique dealers very early on. It would be great fun to be at your sale – you have some wonderful goodies to sell. Hope the weather is great for you this weekend. Carol

  3. Oh man! You are killing me. I love garage sales and yours is going to be amazing according to the pics you are showing us. Those scarves are lovely. I have two similar modern ones that I picked up in a Paris flea market a few years ago. Good luck!

  4. Those are so unique! Your garage sale will be a visual delight for those attending, by the looks of what you've been showing us over the past while! If I lived closer, I'd be there for sure!

  5. Greetings from R.I If I was closer, I would definately come to your garage sale – I really like the dishes you showed, and the old linens. Best of luck tomorrow and all weekend with your sale. I hope the weather is pleasant for you and not too hot, strong or crazy!

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