My day……….

I was feeling a little frazzled yesterday with the Florida heat and humidity here in IL.  It was a long day of pricing (with the help of a friend) and marking.

After a spa treatment I was feeling a little better so I sat in my favorite chair and read my book.

Can you believe that neither my children nor my grandchildren want these little pals as part of their inheritance?  I’m not ready to part with them yet…….unless a collector comes by and offers me more than I paid for them.  These are from the 1990 vintage.


39 thoughts on “My day……….

  1. Wow, what a blast from the past. I had a set of them in the 60s. My sister and I had three; my parents thought more than that was ridiculous. I still remember their names. Back then we had to make their clothes out of scraps and make any accessories, which was fun and probably helped my creative urges as I was not allowed to have art lessons. Art was cut during my elementary years due to overcrowding in the 60s. What a flood of memories these trolls unleash!

  2. Thanks for making me smile this morning! At least you haven't lost your sense of humour in all this stickiness. We are experiencing the heat and humidity here too. Hope your garage sale goes well.

  3. The trolls are a hoot! I never had any myself, but I can see how after you would buy one you would have to buy another and another …Yesterday it was 92 here in NE Ohio. It is cooler with the rain we had last night, but still sticky.

  4. They are so ugly, they are cute and make me smile. I forgot all about them. I know my girls had one or two of these growing up. These past few days of jogging our happy memories has been a treat. Thank you for the show!JJM

  5. I loved reading this post today. Each day I look forward to reading your blog. It's a bright spot in my day. These little trolls are worth keeping. I can't believe no one in your family wants them. Hold on to them for a while longer. There may yet be a young relative that will treasure them.Even if you have green skin and pink hair, a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes goes a long way to cheer up everyone around you.deb

  6. Don't remember owning a troll but sure remember seeing them. Loved the way you used them in your story. You should have a fabulous garage sale-wish I lived in your neighborhood-for the garage sale, not the humidity.

  7. Fun post! I feel like your first "portrait" most of the time. You never know who is reading your post… you might find a buyer.Good Luck,Hugs

  8. I know what you mean. I have dolls that are 61 and 62 years old. I have almost all of my dolls and most of my daughters. I have one daughter and one granddaughter. No one will want them, but I can not part with them!Nan

  9. How funny!!! Love the spa treatment. LOL Somewhere in my house I have a frog with half a finger that I named "Grease Pit". I found him at a car repair shop. I don't think my kids would like him either but I am sure my niece would like your trolls as she has a bunch of them. I hope a collector comes around and gives you all that you want for them. LOL

  10. They will come to their senses one of these days. I love them. I have a Magician troll that holds a removable rabbit. My GS loves it but I won't let him play with it– it is my toy… Maybe when he is older.Love yours, especially the Spa one

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