Still working on it………

I decided yesterday was the day to back the van out of the garage and start setting up tables.  Then we had a wicked storm come through and the tornado sirens went off again.  Luckily we didn’t have any hail here but it was only a couple miles away.  On the right in the photo is all that remains of a day of the week towel set that I embroidered 50 years ago.  On the
left is a new set ready to embroider, the same designs ironed onto Indian Head cotton.  I even have the bottom edges stitched and fringed.

Last night I opened a small cedar chest my aunt gave to me and there was the bottom apron finished and the top one still waiting for its waistband.  I know my aunt did a lot of hand embroidery so I’m guessing she did these in the late 1920s or early 1930s.  There are age spots on the top one.

This dresser scarf has a dirty spot along the crease on the right edge.  I wonder if I dare try to wash it out.  I don’t want any of the blue transfer to disappear.

We’re in for 2 more days of hot sticky weather and possible severe storms.  The cool front can’t get here soon enough for me.


11 thoughts on “Still working on it………

  1. My goodness, you've been discovering lots of treasures. They must be bringing back lots of memories. Will these latest items go in the garage sale as well? I hope your cool front comes in peacefully. We are expecting triple digit temps, possibly starting today.

  2. My mom went to be with Jesus 12 years ago. She was my only parent and I was an only child so there was a really tight bond. I put a lot of her things in the back of our seatrain (talk about stuff to get rid of!) I am finally ready to let go of most of it and am now looking forward to the digging through. Hoping for cool breezes coming your way!

  3. I am enjoying your finds, and glad you are taking photo's to look at after they are gone. You really do have some wonderful treasures.JJM

  4. We're having the same weather. They keep saying it's going to storm, but it doesn't – just keeps getting hotter and more humid.Those tea towels are an absolute treasure!

  5. Good luck on your garage sale—I know how much work they are. You will be happy when items find a new home & it will give you more room. A little extra money is always nice!!! I always have a few "interesting" customers that come through & I get to chat with neighbors. Neighbors always tend to just swing by to see what you are doing. My dad gave me a carpenter's apron to keep my money in & it was with me at all times since it was around my waist. I could put change in one pocket and bills in another. I would periodically put the larger bills in the house when I got a break. I hope you have cooler weather during the day for your sale. I would love to find a garage sale around here that had fun items like you are going to have. Again–good luck!!!

  6. You are finding so many interesting items for your garage sale. Hopefully the front will go through and the weather will get nice. I have a graduation party to go to (outside) on Saturday. I am getting pretty tired of the storms and warnings that we are having. Good luck on the Garage Sale.

  7. It is so hard to part with items like the aprons. In my mother's cedar chest, we found her grandmothers apron and her mothers wedding dress. WE put them back and shut the lid! Nan

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